商務編號 2M48
商務名稱 優惠禮券 Discount Coupon
網上價格 0元
貨存數量 10000個
優惠 折扣 禮券 條款及細則 Discount Coupon Terms and Conditions

Please present this coupon or code before payment to enjoy the offer.

憑此券惠顧正價商務,可享 [ * ] 折優惠。
Present this coupon to enjoy [ * ] % off for any regular-priced product or service.

This coupon is neither refundable nor exchangeable for cash.

This coupon can be used once only, cannot be used with other promotional offers.

If you sold to any party, this coupon will be cancelled.

此券有效期由 [ */*/* ] 至 [ */*/* ],影印無效。
This coupon is valid from [ */*/* ] to [ */*/* ], photocopy is not accepted.

如有任何爭議,[ HSK Mall ] 保留最終決定權。
In the case of any dispute, the decision of [ HSK Mall ] will be final.

優惠禮券 Discount Coupon
優惠禮券:優惠券 現金券 換領券 團購券 免費券

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